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Change in Leadership

The Scholarship Foundation has much to report. First and most important is that we have a change in our leadership. Thomas R. Maines retired from the Board of Directors due to health issues. Almost immediately, the Board named Tom Trustee Emeritus. His position on the Board was filled by Justin D. Valle who is also our webmaster. Both changes were approved by all Board Members. Thomas’s new title enables him to continue participating in Foundation business discussions. The appointment of Justin is really long overdue as he has supported the Foundation on a continuing basis for several years. In October, we also finalized our 2016-2017 Financial Records and completed all required filings, both state and federal. Our reports are on the Foundation website. We were able to reinvest all of our interest and raffle proceeds toward building our Foundation Corpus to ensure grants into perpetuity.

Raffle Prizes Donated

Donated weapons

Second, we received some wonderful donations for future raffles. Tom Maines donated five Commemorative Korean War Silver Dollars and three commemorative weapons, all are Korean War Commemorative editions: a 1911A .45 pistol in a display case, a Thompson Submachinegun in a display case, and an M1Garand rifle. These collector weapons are worth a great deal of money. The 1911A .45 pistol in its display case is worth over $2,000; the submachine gun in its display case is worth over $3,500 and the M1 Garand is worth over $3,000. The coins are valued (currently) at about $62.00 each. Both the Thompson and the Garand have hard cases for easy transport to a range. While we have not yet scheduled our next raffle, we are delighted with the prizes, donated by our supporters, that we will have to offer.

2018 Scholarship Grant Applications are now being accepted

Third, scholarship grant applications are now being accepted from offspring of our brave Soldiers of the 3rd Infantry Division (past and present), and from the offspring of our support groups. Our Directors will select recipients in early June 2018 and grants will be paid in late June 2018, to the recipients’ accounts at the college, university, or technical school specified. To obtain an application and instructions, go to our website at or contact Lynn Ball, Chairman, at 972-495-1704 or e-mail your request to

Reunion business

The Foundation's mission is to serve the offspring of our brave 3rd Infantry Division Soldiers by providing financial assistance in the form of Scholarship grants to deserving offspring of the 3rd Infantry Division and its support groups. Was damage to the Foundation accomplished? Yes, it was. To counteract the damage done, I have taken some measures to expand the scope of the Foundation. The Foundation strictly complies with its I.R.S. Charter, Articles of Incorporation, and Foundation C&BL. The Foundation is not governed by any other entity; it is a separate entity—a standalone public charity charted under I.R.S. 501 (c) 3.

As Toby Knight stated in his February 2017 President’s Message, “Our Scholarship Foundation is one of the most powerful recruitment tools we have. It attracts members to the Society, keeps members in the Society, and give a positive opportunity for all of our members to help those who are working on their educations. As you may know, the cost of a college education has skyrocketed. Compounding this situation, the U.S. Army now drastically limits the amount of tuition assistance service members can use while on active duty. This has compelled our Soldiers, their families, and Veterans to look for other means with which to finance their educations. Please spread the word about our Scholarship Foundation to those you believe might benefit from one of the awards. The application deadline is approaching so please don’t wait.”

History of the Scholarship Foundation

Our leadership recently created a new document detailing the history of the Scholarship Foundation and the growth and changes which have occurred over the 14 years we have been in operation. This document can be found on our About the Foundation page, but you can also download and read it here. We thank the authors of this document for taking the time to document the history of our Foundation.

Closing out 2017

The final message for 2017 is to thank our fine Society Members for the support shown the Foundation, the Trustees, and all the recipients of Scholarship Grants. We continue to spread information about our Society, and the Foundation is a fine recruiting tool for the Society. Blessings to all who are serving, have served, or will serve in the 3rd Infantry Division of the U.S. Army. Our Board of Directors wish everyone health and happiness through the upcoming holidays and the new year. Volens et Potens.

How to Apply

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About the Foundation

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