About the Scholarship Foundation

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Our Mission

The Foundation was incorporated on 11/19/2004 and chartered as a Not-For-Profit Public Charity on 1/19/2005. Our mission is to provide scholarship grants to 3rd Infantry Division Soldiers and the children and grandchildren of those who have served with the Division, as well as the unmarried spouses of those killed while serving with the Division.

It is also the goal of the Scholarship Foundation to spread the word that there are avenues for members of Army families to continue their education. We believe many of those eligible to submit applications for scholarship grants may feel unable to continue their educations because they are unaware of this opportunity.

Constitution & By-laws

Our official Constitution and By-laws outline the specific goals and purpose of the Scholarship Foundation. You can download a copy here:

Timeline for Entries

The annual deadline for submitting scholarship grant applications is June 1st. Our directors complete judging in June and early July, and grants are paid to recipients’ student accounts at the institutions they specified.

History of Helping Others Achieve

Since 2005, we have awarded a total of 107 Scholarship Grants to deserving individuals. In 2015 alone, we awarded eleven grants, and nine grants the year before. Each year, following announcement of our recipients, their profiles and photographs appear in the August Watch of the Watch on the Rhine, and they are currently displayed on this website and on the Society’s web page at http://www.society3rdid.org/.

In order to preserve our long-standing history, our leadership compiled a document called "History of the Scholarship Foundation." This document chronicles all the steps taken to found our organization, and everything that has been done since to ensure it's longevity and legitamacy. Please take a moment to read this document here.

Volunteer Organization

Our Board of Directors provides all services to the Foundation free of charge, and no officer has an expense account. We are all volunteers working to build a sound Foundation that will achieve perpetuity. To this end, we invest all funds not required for scholarship grants. Donations earn interest until needed for awards. Our goal is to position the Foundation to operate on the interest earned on its investments.


All gifts to the Foundation are completely tax-deductable because donors receive no goods or services for their gifts to a Not-For Profit Public Charity. Donors receive Tax-Certification Letters by return mail. Donations to the Foundation can be used to reduce your tax burden. We would greatly appreciate any gift you can provide to assist our young folks, our Soldiers, and the direct descendents of our fallen comrades of the 3rd Infantry Division. Education is not the only key to achieving success, as we cannot discount the strong ingredients of positive attitude and determination, but education is certainly a very effective enabler—more necessary in the Twenty-first Century than ever before. Please support our efforts to continue the work of the Foundation. Checks should be made payable to “Scholarship Foundation” and sent to:

Scholarship Foundation
2010 Worcester Lane
Garland TX 75040


Should you have any questions, please contact Chairperson Lynn Ball at the Foundation address or call 972-495-1704 or send an e-mail communication to ldball1@msn.com.

Foundation Board of Directors

Lynn Ball, Chairman
Richard Faulkner, Trustee
Jeffery Danby, Trustee
James Reeves, Trustee
Justin Valle, Trustee
Joseph W. Ball, CFO
Thomas R. Maines, Trustee Emeritus
Justin Valle, Webmaster